Welcome to topic two. Previously, you learned why ethical research publication practices are so important – not just to you, but to the research community as a whole.

Now, let’s hear from Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian at The Australian National University, on how to identify genuine and credible publishers which will enhance (not hinder) your career progress.

In this video, Roxanne will unpack the concept of a predatory publisher, help you identify credible publishers and what you can expect from them, and tips for choosing a best fit publisher.

Top tip: These slides from Roxanne will help you search for journal impact and ranking in your discipline.

Next up, we'll hear from Rosalia da Garcia from SAGE publishing. In the following videos, she will take you through selecting a best fit journal, how to pitch your idea to a journal editor, and provide you with some insider knowledge of the world of publishing.

Our next presenter is Andrew Stammer, the Director of CSIRO Publishing. In this series of videos, Andrew discusses factors to consider when choosing a journal for publication, the information provided by journal webpages, the importance of a journal's reputation, and will provide you with insights into the world of publishing.

Watch this short video to help you choose a trustworthy journal for your research. The mantra is Think. Check. Submit.

Last but not least, Jeffrey Beall's video below is very helpful in explaining how predatory publishers target and impact the careers of even the most experienced scholars and researchers.

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You now have an insight into the world of scholarly publishing and those pesky predatory publishers.

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